What is an SRMA

What is a School Resource Management Adviser (SRMA)?

SRMAs are experienced practitioners who provide peer-to-peer, tailored advice to individual trusts and schools.

Working with schools they offer bespoke support; either as difficulties arise or proactively, further developing already effective practises.

SRMAs can also assist schools and trusts with identifying opportunities where resources could be deployed more efficiently and help them to strengthen financial governance and oversight.

SRMAs are able to provide individualised and holistic support to schools and academies to enable them to ensure they provide effective resource management, and typically focus on:

  • Financial planning approach, management and effectiveness;
  • Integrated Curriculum and Financial Planning (ICFP) approach and effectiveness, including use of benchmarking analysis;
  • School improvement strategies and budgetary implications;
  • Financial governance and internal capacity and capability;
  • Pupil number projections and implications for financial planning and curriculum design;
  • Approach to procurement and management of non-staff goods and services;
  • Cost savings/initiatives the school/trust has already undertaken to address declining financial health/improved use of resources/school improvement.
  • CFO support