About SRMA Deployments

Congratulations, you are successfully accredited! What next?

ESFA issue deployments to us on a monthly basis and we allocate these according skills, location and availability.

Deployments vary range from 5 to 11 days, alongside bespoke deployments to meet a particular need.  SRMAs will be paid £400 per day for each deployment.

CFO Mentoring deployments are also available. These are 26 weeks in length paid at £1200 per deployment.

The SRMA will:

  • Agree introductory meeting within 2 weeks of formal commissioning documents received from ESFA.
  • Request information required and review.
  • Meet with senior leaders, usually CEO, CFO and Chair in a trust, and with Local Authority (LA) representatives and Headteacher and SBM of any nominated schools in a LA deployment.
  • Discuss any potential recommendations/outcome of your analysis to determine achievability.
  • Agree exit meeting within 4 weeks of acceptance.
  • Complete deployment within 6 weeks of introductory meeting.
  • Submit report to ESFA within 10 working days of exit meeting.

What kind of support might an SRMA deployment offer schools and academies.


ESFA receive a wide range of requests for support therefore each deployment is to offer bespoke support to academy trusts and local authority maintained schools.

All deployments will support effective resource management by providing independent and impartial advice to schools and trusts on how to maximise resources using ICFP in order to maintain and improve educational outcomes for all pupils, including those with SEND.  SRMAs take into account the nature of the school, i.e. whether it is academy or maintained, MAT or SAT, mainstream, special or Alternative Provision, primary or secondary, and whether it is a faith school.

A standard deployment will take a holistic view of the school’s/trust’s financial situation, including consideration of the following issues:

  • Human resources: Effective curriculum delivery, workforce planning and wider use of staff and leadership time through the use of Integrated Curriculum and Financial Planning (ICFP).
  • School management and governance: financial management and challenge across the senior leadership team and board of governors.
  • Resources: Procurement (including, for example, consideration of National Deals, schools’ buying strategies etc.), value for money, capital finance and estate management.
  • Asset Management: Good Estates Management and strategic vision for the schools’ assets.

SRMAs can offer support in a number of ways and are deployed in differing capacities depending upon the individual needs of the school/trust. These include:

  • Where the school or trust is in good financial health, the SRMA shall be required to make recommendations on how the school or trust can further improve its approach to financial management to ensure every possible resource is being directed to the areas that have greatest impact on educational outcomes; part of this will be determined by the school or trust’s approach to ICFP.
  • Where a school is experiencing difficulties the SRMA can support a school or trust to develop a viable budget plan by examining its financial planning and proposed spending plans. As part of this, the SRMA will be expected to consider whether the trust or school uses an ICFP approach and, if so, how this is carried out.  This includes identifying whether it uses ICFP diagnostic tools and models and how.
  • Where the trust or school does take an ICFP approach, the SRMA shall work through the key metrics to identify options that could potentially deliver improvements in the way staff are deployed.
  • Where the trust or school does not use ICFP, the SRMA shall help it introduce ICFP into its planning processes as well as suggesting other options for improvements.
  • Where a school or trust has a new CFO the SRMA can be deployed as a mentor to support the growth and development of the new CFO.
  • In most instances, SRMAs will be expected to carry out a ‘follow-up’ deployment to the same setting at least six months after report submission. The purpose of this deployment will be to check on progress against the recommendations.

All SRMAs must carry out a minimum of two deployments per year (from the date of their accreditation) to maintain their accredited status. Full details are available on our website www.northyorks.gov.uk

Standard deployments

Bespoke Deployments

CFO Mentoring